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cast glass

cast glass      cast glass     

whatever your particular glass casting needs are...  we look forward to delivering you exactly what you want.

lot�s of casting type works are commissioned, designed and delivered for architects and interior designers.

you can have fabulous architectural cast glass including large sections with thick, deeply carved slabs for partial or solid walls, doors, windows, furniture, and free standing sculptures all made to order. this molten glass is poured into one-of-a-kind sand or resin molds in order to form solid glass elements up to nine square feet and one to sixteen inches in thickness.  this glass is very different from the sandblasted plate, slumped plate, stained panels, or graphite-cast glass that is generally available unless of course, you want that as well.

cast glassusing pure clean clear glass as one alternative or using resin and catalyst mixed into sand to form a mold of sandstone-like consistency is yet another. these materials force our teams to work quickly using extreme heat with hand tools, air grinders with diamond bits, or electric roto-tools. we work very freely and directly with none of the restrictions imposed by making positives or multi-part molds. undercuts present no problem while we cast several intricate finely detailed pieces, or very large works with the same inspired detail and then again, sometimes even some that seem to have no creativity at all.

keeping your interests and needs in mind while making your project, your project.

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